Belif promotion film
우트크리에이티브에서 빌리프의 세계관을 그린 애니메이션 2편을 제작했습니다.
빌리의 설레는 빌리프샵 첫 입사날과 비비디 파크로 뉴메로 10 에센스를 구하러 가는 
여정을 주제로 만들었습니다. 캐릭터 2D 디자인은 슈퍼픽션에서 제작하였으며 
그 외 모든 작업은 우트크리에이티브에서 총괄 진행했습니다.

WOOT Creative produced two animations depicting BELIF's worldview.
We made the theme of Billy's first day at work at the Belif Shop and his journey 
to Vividi Park to get New Mero 10 Essence.
2d character design was handled by SUPERFICTION, and all other works were handled 
by WOOT Creative. 


WOOT Creative
Creative Director - Goh seongwoo
Artwork - Goh seongwoo
Character rigging - Yang jeonseok, Wynter(ellie, brdget, pelix), Kim hyunjin(Facial part)
Character modeling - Oh eunsae
Character texture - Oh eunsae, Goh seongwoo
Environment modeling & setup - Goh seongwoo, Wynter, Kim hyunjin 
Animation - Kim hyunjin, Goh seongwoo, Wynter, Kim heewon
Lighting & Texture - Goh seongwoo, Kim hyunjin, Wynter
Logo, poster, map design - Kim heewon   
Composite & Edit - Goh seongwoo

2D Character design - Superfiction
Sound - 274 Cumstom

Belif promotion film
Multiple Owners
WOOT Creative