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Pacific Highway | Apartment Design
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Pacific Highway
The apartment design was made for a lovely couple in San Diego.
Inspired by the desert and the harmony of its earth tones.

Michael & Katie are a couple who met in the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park 5 years ago and today live in an apartment in Downtown San Diego. They were considering moving because they only enjoyed that space once they had the idea to redesign the apartment.

My task was to turn that apartment into a home they both love and feel happy about.
That is why I was inspired by nature and its materials of the wabi sabi style and merged it with the rustic style of the desert.

Living Room
The couple needed a space for relaxation and abstraction within their apartment.

Wabi Sabi is the art of removing unnecessary things and leaving the essentials. This technique takes inspiration from nature and its materials and, at the same time, embraces minimalism.

Following the Wabi Sabi principles, they remove all the furniture they didn’t use and leave only the most necessary ones.

Even though the space is small, I managed to bring to life their old kitchen.

I propose a design where they can feel noble materials daily, like decorative plaster or concrete, wooden furniture & facades, and stone surfaces. It connects humans with our natural essence.

There's nothing superfluous in this place. The wood panel gives rhythm to it, while the low mattress makes this rhythm paced, allowing them to pause and contemplate.

Following the wabi sabi philosophy, the main bedroom was designed as a sleep sanctuary for relaxation and peace. As always, it's inspired by nature and created by its function.
The main idea was to create a bathroom without tiles. Everything is made in a natural way from concrete. 
Design & Visualization:
Project: Pacific Highway
Location: San Diego, California
Design Year: 2021
Pacific Highway | Apartment Design


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Pacific Highway | Apartment Design

Apartment design for a couple in San Diego inspired by the desert and the harmony of its earth tones.