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Dog & Ball
Dog & Ball Brand Identity and Packaging Design Development 

Dog & Ball is a convenience food brand of Übermensch Korea, a food manufacturer. We have about 10 different types of products based on hot dogs and cheese balls. Most of them consist of foods that can be easily cooked at home or eaten on the street. Dog & Ball creates a simple and enjoyable food culture that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere, with food manufacturing experience accumulated over a long period of time. 

 Dog & Ball's brand identity started with the concept of a brand that makes delicious finger food sold at rest stops on US highways. We aim for the visual identity of the American vintage style. We pursue trendy retro by reinterpreting signboard designs, characters, and interiors that were popular in the 70s.
We used the colors in our food as brand colors for Dog & Ball. 
There are 3 colors in the food, Sausage red, Crispy yellow and rice white.



Website Design

The Dog & Ball Tteokbokki Meal Kit package was designed with inspiration from an old vintage package. Vintage packaging has a lot of beautiful colors and designs that are hard to find these days. We found beauty in the vintage package and inherited it, making it a unique brand identity for Dog & Ball.
Dog & Ball Brand Identity and Packaging Design Development

Client: Übermensch Korea

Verbal Identity & Story Dev.
Director: Andrew Son
Identity Planning & Storytelling: Andrew Son, Kyeongeun Jo

Visual Identity & Application Design Dev.
Art Direction: Andrew Son
Design: Andrew Son

Website Design: Andrew Son, Hyunji Lee

Photography: Andrew Son
Food Styling: Kyeongeun Jo
Dog & Ball