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    PEFTA (Preview Emerging Fashion Talent Awards) Collection 2011
My First post in 2014 just in time for Throwback Thursday. this one is from 2011. As a Design Student we were always encouraged to join as many competitions as we can. competitions are great mediums to gain knowledge and experience. exposure as well. straight out from school i joined this one, PEFTA (Peview Emerging Fashion Talent Awards) i really thought it was a long shot since a lot of people have sent their applications, colleagues and friends not to mention other participating schools.  i thought, what have i got to lose. so i decided to take a crack at it. thanks to the high heavens i was chosen as  a finalist. overall it was a great experience meeting people of the design field who are on top of their game having access to their advice  and gaining connections.
This Collection was Inspired by Hospital Wards, Scar Tissue, Lesions and such, due to my Fascination with The Japanese Film “Audition” and the Cult Classic “Misery” This Was the 2nd Collection that i have done Since my Graduation Show.
Runway Photos Courtesy of Stylebible
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