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2022 Legal Document Builder

The Goal
To redesign Lawpath Core legal document builder.

- How might we design to account for feature scalability? 
- How might we help users with document revisions?
- How might we enable collaboration within the legal document?

- LDJ stakeholder workshops
- Card sorting for prioritisation
- User testing for base validations
   - General navigation / Task analysis
   - First Click testings
- Quick, agile iterations for a timely launch.
The outcome
Based on the findings, from both a user perspective and business priorities, the MVP was released with scalability in mind:

1. Layout should enable feature additions.
2. Collaboration was a new feature released with the MVP based on user needs to collaborate on legal documents.
3. Reduces mobile functionality for MVP
4. Component Library items built with future applications in mind
5. MVP released with iterations on the way
2022 Legal Document Builder

2022 Legal Document Builder