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    We helped five old friends with none music background to achieve the dream of their life: building a rock band and playing on stage for big crowd
The Poches is an underground rock band born in the forgotten basement of an old summer house in Barcelona outskirts. They made music together from 2006 to 2012. In the same year, and after a 3 days making music closing experience in Catalonia
forgotten hippie farm, the band was dissolved for unknown cause.
Putting together a band and keeping them making stuff for more than 5 years was not an easy job. Five old friends with none music background wanted to explore another side of their friendship, redirecting their lifes and moving closer to the dream of playing on stage for big crowd.
We filled a grubby basement up of music instruments and store to hand some bottles of spirits. With an incredibly efficient marketing campaign, we had the band booked for a concert almost before start rehersaling. Non stop hands-on-work with a DIY based strategy and only with a little formal music guidance.
Apart from a DIY builded old fashion style rehearsal space, we generated a high quality graphic material for the band in a short period of time. We also developed a smart marketing campaign including concerts in the basement and self-management R.R. In 2008 the band went on the road for their first local tour.
From 2006 to 2012 they played more than 20 concerts in flats, pubs and music venues. They had (and still have) around 500 close fans that followed the "Freak Tour 2008" and acclaimed their songs. There is not an official audio recording but some homemade youtube videos that you may lukily find online.
Enric Segura (the Poches' lead singer and former songwriter of the band at their first years) is currently working in a collaborative EP. 
None liking to leave in the dark the sound of that creative period he is editing old audio material with some other new home-grown songs. The album will be recorded in summer 2014 in Suena en la Niebla Studios, a privilage spot in the spanish southern coast.


CLIENT:  The Poches            SITE:  thepoches.com         YEAR: 2006-2012
ROLE: Service Designer

SKILLS: project managing, rrhh management, marketing strategy, teamwork facilitating, graphic designing, web development, user experience, art management

TEAM: Enric Segura (vocals, songwriter & facilitator), Àlex Mauri (rithm guitar, marketing & media), Pau Sabés (base & music guide), Enric Arisó (drums & media), Pau Lladó (lead guitar & marketing), Roger Gual (graphic designer), Carlos Mateu (management), Naoise Golden (photo)