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    Enric Segura's media background. With a special interest in human interactions and unconscious real life effects, he developed a trial-and-error … Read More
    Enric Segura's media background. With a special interest in human interactions and unconscious real life effects, he developed a trial-and-error career that brought him to participate in more than 10 films. However he did some acting and technical stuff, his main focus is in production and creative direction. Read Less
A handcrafted spot made for the launching of this brand new high-tech solution for global elderly community. A portable fall detector developed by the UE Innovation Project in Healthcare FATE
Showing our client's calling trough a touching and simple short story with an accurate human-centered foucus.
A training video summary for Hospital Clínic of Barcelona. Through design & communication of UE FATE Project's inside job we help speading new relevant findings throgh healthcare innovation.
See more information about the project here
A demo video for MíOPíA launching campaign. With a very close space we try to show the real feeling of a rock band playing live from their rehearsal room. If you like rock n' roll you'll like this original music project on halfway between Manchester, Barcelona & Granada. Find the lyrics of the song and more information here
How to put philosophy, vision, methodology and market placing all together in 1 minute video? In Septembre 2012 we helped Rock&Dream to translate their core business to market through corporate media. We applied simplicty in production and teamwork engagement using dynamic methodologies. Always beyond the clip.
Winer of the relevant RTVA Award and selected by several national media festivals. A short film-documentary directed by Javier R. Espinosa about love and difference. We participated in the film helping in production, supporting direction task and facilitating Down Syndrome scenes. An enriching creative-human expereince.
See film in media here and set images here
In summer 2010 we backed up the production of the british documentary "Buried Books", directed by Portuguesse journalist Claudia Borges. An investigative report about the historical 4 years long closing down Manchester Library according to refurbishemnt works. More than 10.000 books, which includes very old and rare collections, were moved to a 250 years old salt mine in Chesire due to wheather conditions. Three intense weeks following the news on the ground. A pasionate research that brought us to the core of the British historical heritage.
In winter 2010 we joined the recognised WFA Media Center in Manchester. A very intensive an inspirning training experince that gave us the chance to on-hand learn more about how to produce films. The idea to make a movie about "a day in the life of mid-class TV monitor" was selected for the final screening. Playing with audience point of view we made a surealist twisting multy-story drama orbiting around a parade of human behaviours and feelings.
In 2008 we prduced the pilot episode of a interviewing on-line tv show inspired from the work of the well known spanish journalist El Loco de la Colina. An original program which allowed audience to chose anybody to be interviewed in an original and depth way. The first show was seen by more than 50 people taking to light the secrets of Alex Mauri, a character well know among its relatives in one side and very unknow in others.
Watch the full episode here
After several amateur DIY productions, which includes adaptations of Tarantino's movies, war comedies and commercials, in 2008 Enric Segura started getting deep in media production. With a special interest in human interactions and unconscious real life effects, he developed a trial-and-error career that brought him to participate in more than 10 films. He also attended to several pop-up Film Festivals in Europe to wide their eye scoope and explore new ways to make movies. However he did some acting and technical stuff, his main focus is in production and direction.
Enric Segura is actaully working in two new stories. A 72 h music making doorsclose in a cottage in a wild North Catalonian forest and a documentary about the disolution of a local Barcelona mitic football club
Exile on Poche's Farm (2015)
Bellaterra FC: The Movie (2016)