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Dentistry by Kovalchuk is the studio of natural aesthetics in Kharkiv, Ukraine. This is a modern premium-class cabinet, where perfect smiles, natural in appearance, are created. The founder of this studio is Dmytro Kovalchuk, an orthopedic dentist and chief physician. He has been specializing in aesthetic dentistry for over 10 years.
In collaboration with one of the best Ukrainian dental technicians Mykhailo Toptigin, Dr. Kovalchuk introduced the author's method "Natural Concept". Its essence is to create perfect smiles, as close as possible to natural look. This prompted the doctor to the idea of a dental studio of natural dental aesthetics. There is such a demand today, because more and more people want to improve their appearance, they need a more aesthetic smile, but they understand that "artificial", dazzling white teeth are a moveton.

Dentistry by Kovalchuk appreciates the aesthetic beauty that is inherent in every person. The main thing is to be able to skillfully emphasize it. It was decided to develop a project for the audience of natural beauty enthusiasts, which would acquaint people with the philosophy of "Natural Concept", with the technologies used by Dr. Kovalchuk, with cases of successful restorations and patient feedback.
Our agency has performed the following tasks:
- Ukraine dental market research, acquaintance with the best famous doctor’s practices;
- development of brand strategy, brand positioning;
- naming and development of verbal brand communications (slogans, messages), tone of voice;
- development of a logo, design system, corporate graphics, illustrations;
- brandbook development.


Agency: WIZART
Strategist: Igor Suvorov
Art Director: Nataliya Suvorova
Designer: Artem Dvorzhak, Nataliya Suvorova
Copywriter: Yuliia Patsaraniuk

Motion: Alexander Romanenko

Dentistry by Kovalchuk