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    my first enterprise architecture engagement mapping out an corporate applications map for East Of Scotland Water.
Enterprise Application Integration In Action
This was my first large scale piece of work as a consultant architect.  A colleague and I were engaged by East Of Scotland Water in 1999 to develop an IT strategy with a specific focus on selecting a suitable technology to implement the enterprise wide integration requirements for the business.

The diagrams mapped out the corporate applications, their interfaces and the data entities that each application managed.  It was supported by an document containing an interface catalogue listing key properties for each interface and a data catalogue.  It also mapped out a view of current and future states using symbology.  What diagramming standard did I use?  My own of home grown one course!  Apologies to the UML purists.

The data entities were then pulled together in an integrated ERD model using a novel approach (developed by colleague Mike Chiu) that was based on any item of information belonging to one of 5 things: a location (WHERE), a participant (WHO), an asset (WHAT), a grouping (WHAT) or an activity record (WHAT).

The results were well received by the directors who were engaged in the study, to the point that I became a real nuisance to those sitting near the A0 plotter because it running non-stop for a week creating copies to go on office walls...