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    An Architectural Projection
Bacardi  - Pessione 2010
AE was commissioned by Bacardi an important Architectural mapping performance to celebrate the Gran finale of the Pessione 2010, a convention held by the group in Turin, Italy . In this occasion Bacardi new Brand image was showcased for the first time. The show took place in the spectacular Venaria Reale, an 18th century palace of the north italian region.
By working in strict connection with Bacardi Global brand team, we realized a spectacular mapping performance on the inner façade of the beautiful courtyard. We employed some graphic elements of great impact (linking the famous bat, symbolic image of the brand with bright colours and lights effects) to emphasize the party spirit and idea of cool; we wanted to outline the indications of the brand and the concept of “Happy Together”. This combination became the focus point of our intervention, which, along with the elegance and lightness, typical of the 18th century spirit, produced a very successful happening and a spectacular visual celebration.

CLIENT: Bacardi
DATE: September 2010
LOCATION: Reggia di Venaria, Turin

Sound Design:
Giampiero Stramaccia