Retail Design: International Design Studio Competition
The product display area with custom-designed cases and a Seeyond feature wall with the client's branding
This semester-long project, sponsored by SPC/Paris Baguette, partnered Ringling students with students at Yonsei Univerisity in Seoul, South Korea. 
Despite language barriers and differing levels of experience, my partner and I found our own way of communicating design ideas, and learned to use each others' strengths to balance the workload.
Though we both started with separate concepts and floor plans, we were able to compromise and combine our ideas to our great satisfaction. I believe that we won the competition not only because of our detailed, quality design that responded to the client's needs, but also because our teamwork and passion for our work was evident.
Front exterior view with architectural lighting.
Side exterior façade showing view of seating area and open demonstration kitchen, with product display beyond.
Point of purchase with view of display cases and open kitchen.
Seating area with view of product display area and open kitchen.
Sketchbook pages showing the process work for the façade design.
Our brainstorming was accomplished through hours in front of the webcam, sketching and holding our sketchbooks up to the camera, and using screenshare to communicate visual ideas on-screen. We also communicated daily by email, and shared a Pinterest board to organize and share ideas, concept imagery, and project materials.
For the final design work, I completed the digital rendering, and my partner did the hand rendering.