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Beirut Culturel Map - BCM

Beirut Cultural Map, because Beirut is alive
Beirut is culture. Beirut is vibrant. Beirut is alive.
At the end of the year, we are pleased to offer you, thanks to the support of the Swiss Embassy in Lebanon, a map of Beirut listing the cultural places, so numerous and so active!

The “Beirut Cultural Map” is a tribute document to our battered but proud capital and to its wounded but courageous inhabitants.

Lebanese culture is a melting pot of different cultures under which the fire does not go out. Whatever the circumstances, there are always artists to discover, music to listen to, poems to recite and actors to follow!

The 150 events listed for the month of December indeed demonstrate the creativity and vitality of the cultural sector as well as the dynamism of professionals in this field. High-quality initiatives are jostling each other again, showing the will of the organizers and the public to preserve and defend our Levantine art of living, oriental and open to all cultures.

With more than 116 places in Beirut this map gives you the best way to get away from it all through art and culture. So, mark your calendars! Walk through galleries and libraries, go outside, immerse yourself in words and colors, sounds and images. Let your daily life be enriched with culture for just a few hours a week.

Cultural venues throughout Lebanon are not to be outdone. A QR code on the map will direct you to these places, or click here to download the Lebanon Cultural Map We again thank the Swiss Embassy, ​​in particular H.E. Madame Marion Weichelt as well as, Maja Messmer Mokhtar and Alia Chucri for their support, their confidence and their enthusiasm.
Launching of the Map - Get your copy soon in a Culturel venu next to you!
the map and the one of the galerist
Beirut Culturel Map - BCM


Beirut Culturel Map - BCM