Magic Galaxy RE-branding

Magic Galaxy

Is one of the largest indoor amusement centers in Egypt. Fully loaded with fun galore, it contains many different activities that assure you a magical experience.

Client : Magic Galaxy
Date : 1/ 7 / 2019

Logo Rebranding

Sub-brand sketches

Out of this standpoint, we've decided to go with the galaxy and planets concept to give each game a specific identity and mood that matches different planets and galaxies in order to deliver the right message of "magical tour through our games"


Bazooka Ball is a high-powered, team activity. Divide into two teams and strategize your plan for domination. experience the adrenaline rush of this virtual paintball game. Bazooka Ball involves Air Cannons that launch low-impact soft foam balls at opponents. The goal is to tag players on the other team with these foam balls. When you hit a player, lights on their vests will blink, confirming you’ve scored a point.


Fun Zone is your neighborhood indoor Playground that offers many services and cool activities for your kids There's also an area for birthday parties and for the little artists who like to draw and paint.




Ismail Sabry

Art Directors
Ismail Sabry
Ahmed Samir

Seniors Graphic Designrs

Sama Medhat
Ahmed Nagaty
Ahmed Nasser
Ahmed ‏‏‎Khater ‎
Mohamed Sheri

Seniors Marketing Communications

Mahmoud A.Fattah

Magic Galaxy RE-branding