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    Packaging design for a chocolates line from a jewelry in Mexico.
In the side of each product we add a blank space to be filled with a seal for the expiration date.
Trulin and Co. is a mexican jewelry brand, and for their annual project, they have decided to take “Guilty Pleasures” as the main topic taking the gourmet field in action in a way that isn't just a delight taste and elegant like their jewels but a mouthwatering satisfaction that has an accent in details. Collaborating with the chocolatier Soraya Soto, they took chocolates and put them on a singular mexican way.

In collaboration with the designer Kuro Strada, we were commissioned for the design of the packaging, with the main goal of had a unique element that distinguish each flavor, designing a product that could have the look of a gift in the hands of everyone without the eccentricity and particularities of a specific holiday.

Our graphic direction was to create contrast between the geometric elements, colors, patterns and typography in order to evoke the flavors and smells of the product before you've started delighting them.
References from where we start, designing patterns and textures that distinguish each flavor, mainly a synthesis between the ingredient and curtains from the 16th century.
The textures in the labels are a reference of wrapping paper covering almost the entire glass container with thins lines of the perfect chocolate color that naturally brings the product.
Melted Chocolate, cheeses, spices and chilli.
The booklet is a supporting feature with information about the project and notes of the chef.
This was something that took us for surprise in a good way, the chocolatier has the good call to seal the chocolate with the monogram of the brand surprising everyone, clients, owners and making a complete branded product.
The line of chocolates goes from melted chocolate, truffles, chocolate bars and chocolate lollipop.
Here is a shot from the jars family.
Dark and milk chocolate bars in silver envelopes with a screenprinting piece of cotton paper with the main info on it, the envelope has been sealed with a label in a pattern that works in negative for dark chocolate and in positive for milk chocolate.
Chocolate lollipop
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