Gorillas - Still groceries
For Italians, cooking is a serious thing
With the right groceries, a simple meal could become an actual work of art.

Gorillas has the best products on the market to bring every day-today moments to another level.
So we celebrated all those legendary moments in a "Modern Renaissance" treatment.
We created a multi-subject campaign of "thematic bundles" (the healthy brunch, the dinner with friends, the kids' snack...)
displayed as Caravaggio's painting.
The billboards came along with a dedicated QR Code: by framing it, it was possible to open the app
and directly purchase the bundle.
We created a social video on the same concept as well, this time showcasing a Sunday family lunch.
And a Spotify radio subject, dedicated to Gianluca's legendary "Turnip greens orecchiette".

Creative Agency: DUDE
Chief Creative Officers & Partners: Livio Basoli & Lorenzo Picchiotti
Creative Directors: Davide Labò & Luca Riva
Senior Copywriter: Andrea Galanti
Art Director: Antonio Gambino
Client Service Director: Elena Panza
Senior Account Manager: Elena Castejon
Account Executive: Andrea Torrano
Strategy Director: Marco Mammino
Senior Strategist: Michelangelo Ferracane
Integrated Production Director: Matteo Pecorari
Producer: Ramona Linzola
Junior Producer: Giovanna Distefano
Producer Intern: Francesca Di Donna
Editor & Motion Graphic Designer: Dario Lipani
Motion Graphic Designer: Gabriele Frigimelica
Production Agency: FM Photographers
Director: Alex Koci
DoP: Giuseppe Bonasia
Set Designer: Mauro Seresini
Food Stylist: Volume 14
Gorillas - Still groceries