D&AD Entry 2011 - Wieden + Kennedy Brief
Target Audience: Honda wants to design systems for better living – therefore the target audience is everyone in the world regardless of whether they drive or not.
Aim: Not a monotonous space of information. A memorable space that is versatile to other instalments and applications.
Time periods of interaction: 

Time in seconds.
Narrative example: 

History narrative (All narratives can be edited and created to suit best needs at time of installation)

Size of space:
The tunnel is to be installed in current public foot tunnels. For example underground tube stations, road highway tunnels and fly over walkways. The featured area is 5 meters wide, 5 meters long and 2.5 meters high. All installations can be fabricated to the size of the constructed tunnel.
Foot Traffic:
Tunnel size can provide walking space for 25 adults commuting at any one time, giving each person 1 meter squared walking space.