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    We design a new series of products for the MOOD MAKERS company.
Mood Makers is a Greek company based in Athens and primarily associated with jewelry and accessories. The Mood Makers concept is based on colors and words, creating a unique combination of fashion products. The brands’ transition to cosmetics was made following the need of the Greek market for a new product, a product differentiating of the existing. Using the concept of colors and words Mood Makers cosmetics has four series of products, Happiness, Faith, Dream and Destiny, all in different colors and aromas. Each of the series consists of Shower Gel, Body Lotion, Facial Cream and Body Soap. They are hand made natural Greek cosmetics designed and produced in Greece.
Happiness is like a kiss
Ocean Shower gel
Ocean Body Milk
Ocean 24h Facial Moisturizing Cream
Ocean Soap
Faith comes from inside
Mango Shower gel
Mango Body Milk
Mango Facial Moisturizing Cream for young-oily skin
Mango Soap
Life is nothing without a Dream
Pomegranate Shower gel
Pomegranate Body Milk
Pomegranate Night Facial Moisturizing Cream
Pomegranate Soap
Enjoy your Destiny as it comes

Green Tea Shower gel
Green Tea Body Milk
Green Tea Facial Anti-wrinkle Cream
Green Tea Soap
Stand design
Maria Romanidou
George Tzortzis