Wireframing, UX/UI, Design & Art Direction, Full Responsive Website Development

Tools Used
Adobe XD, Lightroom, Photoshop, Illustrator, Wordpress, Divi Builder, HTML & CSS
Casa Corsi is the newest Italian restaurant addition under the Gusto Di Quattro family. The family owns a chain of restaurants specializing in fine Italian cuisine. The goal of the website was first and foremost to promote their new Casa Corsi restaurant opening in North Vancouver, and secondly, to celebrate the brilliance of Italian culture.
The Design
I was lucky to have been supplied really high-quality images to work with, which set off the inspiration for the art direction of the website. Upon looking at the images of the restaurant, I was particularly influenced by the rustic aesthetic of the restaurant itself (fully equipped with grapevines and Tuscan style interiors). I wanted the website to feel just as immersive as the restaurant, and to take users on a journey through the Italian countryside.
Mobile Responsiveness
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Casa Corsi

Casa Corsi


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