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    A selection of images that didn't fit with the other projects.
This project contains a selection of photos from Iceland that didn't really fit with the other projects.  I usually try to keep projects small and consistent - this one is different.  I will probably add more photos to this one over time.
It amused me that the best photo I got at Gullfoss was this one from the car park.  Gullfoss itself can be seen as the bit of spray on the right hand side of the picture.  It was quite windy and cold, and down at the waterfall were quite a few disgruntled photographers.
Again, a photo near Gullfoss.
It's all about the textures in these mountains on the Snæfelsnes Peninsula.
An unproductive day at Seljalandsfoss, so turned around and took this instead.
Near Seljalandsfoss.  Clearly I need a therapist as I appear to have issues with waterfalls.
Near the turn off to Skógafoss (yep, another waterfall).  Notice the farm buildings built into the rock.
In the graveyard at Strandarkirkja.   The plaque translates as:
Vigfús Ingimundarson last inhabitant of "Strönd í Selvogi". Deserted in 1696. 
The name Strönd (shore) refers to an area (most likely one or several farms) in Selvogur.
Thanks to Jonni TM for the translation and explanation.