Hilton - Reception Service Uniforms
London, Ontario
The Hilton London, Ontario hotel has proudly been asking Fashion Design students at Fanshawe College to redesign their company uniforms for a few years. Each year, the students design for a different hotel staff, like Reception Service as it was for my second year.
The Hilton London is aiming to refresh their image after an unfortunate comment that their hotel was looking 'bland'. Suffice to say, they would not let it rest and decided to do a complete redecoration and revitalization of their image.
The textiles were already chosen and sourced in Toronto by our professors. Colours and fabrics were chosen for us to suit our client. We were tasked with designing the female uniform, however we were only permitted to chose the styles for the men's from what was already sourced.
Perhaps I was too young at the time to understand corporate aesthetics, but I put my every effort to come up with a creative new look.
Hilton Customer
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