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    Corporate identity and web design for a company that rents out buses, cars and wedding decorations.
​​​​​​​Bus Rental
Identity and Web Design

Introduction Bus Rental is a private company, that provides wedding escort services.In the design of the corporate identity and the web site we would like to put all the emotions that arise in people during wedding ceremony. The brand was created with great care on the details, since the main goal was to create stylish, gentle, design status, which would fully meet with an important event such like a wedding.
Inspiration We drew inspiration from vintage wedding photography, movies about weddings, and a new short movie Miss Dior involving Natalie Portman, especially the last 10 seconds of the movie.
Concept So why we chose this design? Well, first about the vintage style, the wedding - is a set of ceremonies and rituals, often folk traditions that were established in ancient times. Of course, we didn't look so far in the past, apparently we looked back on that period of time where the first buses, cars started to appear,and exactly on that period of time we were focused on. Second, about the colors, we chose white because it is a symbol of purity, and also,the majority of the wedding dresses is white. We chose the golden color because it is noble and because most of the rings are made from the gold. Brown color in the images, we have chosen because it is the color of a warm atmosphere and a comfort, which is an important thing for the clients psychology. Our personal goal in this project was to test a new style for us in creating corporate identity, what we think we coped. We are very happy to show you the final result of this project.
Client: Bus Rental (Minsk, Belarus)
Agency: Interactive agency DWEB (Minsk, Belarus)
Technical Director: Sergey Dziadevich
Art Director: Yuriy Stasyshyn
Project Manager: Sergey Dziadevich
Designer: Yuriy Stasyshyn
Web Developer: Sergey Dziadevich