The Client

Testportal is a huge SaaS that is well known in Europe and has users from 216 countries. It's an assessment platform that offers solutions for two groups of users: business and education. And we're super-excited that we helped them to dress up in a new style to gain even more customers.

Our role

Our goal was to help Testportal go through huge changes both in brand identity and their product. We redesigned a logo, created the whole brand identity that has been applied to the website and web app, and designed multiple materials for online and offline use.


Testportal brand identity uses split complementary palette. The main place take green tints and shades to create a feeling of freshness and motivation. Also, Testportal shows environmental awareness which is also reflected in green brand colors. Yellow and lilac are used as accent colors to support the greens and bring variety and liveliness to the color palette and website.


For brand typography we’ve chosen Aktiv Grotesk. It’s a great grotesque that looks good in every possible use case: both online and offline, from headings to short copy and mid sizes. It’s also a font family that supports over 130 languages including Arabic, Hebrew, Greek, Cyrillic, and so on. It’s a beautiful, perfectly crafted typeface that can cover all needs of a modern company.


Photos take an important place in Testportal identity since they illustrate their users. Also, we included suggestions regarding photos in Testportal brand guidelines. Photos should utilize natural color palette, be clean, bright, attractive, and have a warm feeling.


Besides brand identity, we had a pleasure to create some additional assets to make Testportal look stunning across all possible media. We applied a new style to both online and offline materials and got a bunch of social media posts templates, presentations, and other things for evereday company use.


Even though Testportal brand identity was an interesting and very important part of the project, there were also a website and a web app waiting for their turn to be designed or redesigned. As we all know, a website is often considered an the entry point to the universe of company services. That’s why we reinvented everything in Testportal website and developed it from scratch.


Testportal has two target audience profiles and lots of use cases in both categories. It was necessary to show this information on the main page so we designed custom icons for all of the use cases to make this section prominent.

Page constructor

A man doesn’t live by design alone so let us say something impressive about the development too. What we had to do is not only to design and develop the website. Our Client wanted the website to be customizable and easy to expand. At Testportal, they have a marketing team that use the website as one of their tools pretty often: they write articles, publish case studies and have a lot of other information to share with the world. We’ve designed, developed, and configured the CMS in the way that allows the Client and marketing team to build new pages from a huge set of custom blocks.

App Workflow

Beside the brand identity and website design & development, we've also redesigned the web app. Having in mind existing users (millions of users), we had to be careful with UX changes. We didn’t want to only “update colors a bit” though. We’ve studied initial Client’s requirements and thoughts, made our own exploration, and made our UX suggestions based on the necessary improvements and nice-to-haves that would be safe for current users.

Style Guide

Remember what we’ve said about the website builder in CMS? Well, we didn’t build the web app constructor 🙂 But we wanted to make it possible for the Client and the Team to maintain the product without our permanent engagement. We created the style guide that consists of various components and their states, as well as different typography or color rules.

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Testportal is a huge SaaS that is well known in Europe and has users from 216 countries. It's an assessment platform that offers solutions for tw Read More