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Riot Games | VALORANT PROTOCOL 781-A Skin Reveal

Working alongside with Riot Games, the Moog squad was given a brief to create this super cool trailer for VALORANT’s new weapons skinline, Protocol 781-A. This skin bundle is meant to be standard government-issued weapons, with built-in AI (Voiceover) to ensure missions are completed at maximum capacity. The Protocol 781-A skin line has a darker tone compared to the other skin bundles in the game. The direction for the trailer is something more utilitarian and we took inspiration from some of our favorite dystopian fantasies while we are working on the environment and styleframes for the trailer. Super grateful to the amazing team at Riot for being so collaborative and open to suggestions.
Client : RIOT Games

Produced & Directed By : Moog.

Creative Producer: Nicholas Lai
Art Director : KK Lai 
FX & Technical Director : Jiun Hao Cheng
Creative & Animation Director : Mchenn Lim
3D Modeling : Chun Hoe Lee / Yu Hui Lee
Lighting Artist : KK Lai / Yu Hui Lee
Animation : Mchenn Lim / Chun Hoe Lee
Digital Compositing : KK Lai / Mchenn Lim
Assets Design : Zoe Wong
Offline Edit : Nicholas Lai
End Bumper Animation : Mchenn Lim

Sound Design : RIOT Games
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Riot Games | VALORANT PROTOCOL 781-A Skin Reveal

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Riot Games | VALORANT PROTOCOL 781-A Skin Reveal