R O C K   A L T E R N A T I V E  D I S C S   
A magazine about alternative rock & indie music thought to be saved & collected next to the best vinyls.
The magazine's size responds to the music vinyl, as an object of cult, its height is equal than the vinyl's, so they can share space in the same collector's shelf.
Design brief, user research & rivalry studies.
The name "RAD" works as initials & also as the english expression, which comes from the reduction of "radical", similar to cool. Often used by young people.
Visual language through different covers.
The magazine has 1 cm of thickness, as it's distributed every 4 months.
Definition of typographic styles & weights
Editorad (Editorial+Rad)
Lettering by Leo Calderón
Physical subscription included
Section's name next to the page number
Inside gifts: back & front printed cards with songs to download from Itunes.
Mainpage of the web
Online subscription
Cover, back & side view
Index of contents
The RAD team
Daniela Bianchi, Macarena Whittle & Victoria Gallardo

Special thanks to:
_Leo Calderón, for a beautiful lettering work (editorad)
_Martín Iturrieta, for taking awesome photos of the project
This project is based under academic and non-commercial purposes. We don't own the rights of the photos used, by the condition of students we aren't allowed to travel & interview the bands. We specially thank to Pitchfork (http://pitchfork.com) for providing the information & most of the pictures.
Rad Magazine

Rad Magazine

a RAD magazine thought to be collected next to the best alternative rock & indie vinyls