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M. Tsvetaeva
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* * *
Russian poetess and prose writer of the 20th Century.

Marina Tsvetaeva published her first verse in 1911, wrote poems between 1918 and 1920 in praise of the White armies and their fight against Bolshevism, and produced the greater part of her work in Western Europe, where she emigrated in 1922.  Her poetry of whirling and staccato rhythms is uneven in quality, but forceful and original.  She returned to Russia in 1939 and committed suicide two years later. 


I have pleasure in applying for the advertised position as dishwasher in the LiterFund's dining room. 
26th Aug, 1941

* * *
With a red brush  
The mountain-ash burned:
The leaves were falling 
And I was born.











"...Amidst the dust of bookshops, wide dispersed
And never purchased there by anyone,
Yet similar to precious wines, my verse can wait
Its time will come."

M.Tsvetaeva (1913)




"...They hung millstones round my neck,
On earth, they flung me a penny.
– Lover! – Surely you know?
I am your swallow – Psyche!"

M.Tsvetaeva (1918)






With heart, OXI