Logo - 36th Anniversary
Logo - 36th Anniversary
Founded in 1984 to develop applications for personal computers, Logo is one of the biggest software companies in Turkey. With the solutions, services, and innovations offered, Logo has become Turkey’s software industry innovation leader.
Logo's 36th Anniversary film received multiple awards, including:

2020 Marcom Awards Platinum - Corporate Image, Digital Marketing, Animation, E-mail Communication categories 
2020 Native Advertising Instutue Awards Gold - Best Design, Best Use of infographic categories
2020 Vega Digital Awards Canopus - Digital Marketing - Best Use of Video
2020 Summit International Awards - Best Design

2020 was the 36th Anniversary of the company. They wanted to celebrate and reach their customers with a personalized video. They would like to emphasize their motto "Coding the Future Together." and mission statement "Creating value with collaboration, passion and agility." Also, Logo was looking for an emotional connection with their users by the video. And it will be mailed to more than 50.000 customers. 
We had to build an emotional story about the brand, that will engage with the audience. 
Logo defined the personalization playground by providing us with four data points about their clients:
- Company name of the client.
- The first product that the client used. 
- The current products that the client using now. 
- The date of the first product purchase by the client.
The video had to work with variable data of 50.000 clients. Some companies have longer names; some clients are using more than ten products, and some are using a few. This uncharted typographic landscape has to be taken into account during the design process.
For building an emotional connection, we were focused on the history of Logo. Since the company was established in 1984, they witnessed every era of internet and mobile development. We came up with a film structure that spans through digital history and aesthetics, which will be the perfect fit for their motto "Coding the Future Together."

We designed ten personalization points for every viewer.​ For the branding, we designed six screens representing the visual style of the era with the brand logo. 
%100 Watch Ratio KPI: %45 ➔ Impact: %57
Average View Duration KPI: %70 ➔ Impact %79
CTOR KPI: %15 ➔ Impact CTOR: %26
Thank you for checking our project! 
And we want to thank Logo Software for this exciting collaboration, and we are grateful to work with a fantastic team. 
Client: Logo Yazılım
Sinem Zenginçelebi, Petek Özkan Altındal, Serkan Kabul
Agency: Koff Animation 
Executive Creative Director: Gökhan Okur
Line Producer: Tuğçe Varlıca
Script: Özge Ürer
Creative Director: Alper Balkış
Illustrator: Cihan Gelerli, Muhammed Katırcı
Editing: Alper Balkış
Voiceover: Emir Eser
Sound Design & Mixing: Burak Çambel
Music: Ready to the game, One wave
Logo - 36th Anniversary
Multiple Owners
Koff Animation