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Adobe Indesign 2022
Adobe InDesign 2022

Adobe is one of the most famous software listed company around the globe, roughly about 77 million global active users. It is a very common tool for designers worldwide. Under the scope of Adobe, Adobe InDesign is the industry-leading layout and page design software for print and digital media. It is usually used in the fields of books, magazines, posters, product catalogs, and more.

‘DNA’ as creative inspiration
Untitled Macao has chosen the theme of ‘DNA’ for the official image visual of InDesign. The tools and functions in InDesign represent the DNA of each design work. With rich imagination, even when they play similar roles, unique visuals can be created and intensified with the creator’s own DNA, just like the differences in DNA orders allow everyone to possess qualities and features that are not the same without conflicting. 

Visually, a lot of elements are mimicking the functions in Adobe, such as The Tools Panel, Guidelines, etc. They are often seen and used by designers, symbolizing the ‘DNA’ of this software which are intertwined within each single moment of creative process. As a result, this very design work emphasizes on resonating with every Adobe user. 

‘DNA’ adopts the contrast between vibrant colours as well as the irregularity between lines and shapes, together with using the tools and functions in InDesign as designing elements. It inspires the creative mind and opens up infinite possibilities. 
As to being invited for a collaboration with a global brand, Au Chon Hin said that ‘It is a milestone for Untitled Macao because it offers a ticket for the company to enter the global market. Not only that, but more importantly it also allows Macao’s designs to be reckoned internationally with higher standards, and that, has always been the goal for Untitled Macao for all these years.’

It is definitely a heart-pounding experience in order to be the representative of upcoming trends for Adobe InDesign. Through this business collaboration with them, Au Chon Hin pointed out that creative people are what the market is looking for. He then said ‘No matter where one is, what matters is what one can create. Macao might not be a first-class international city, but creativity is borderless and boundless. Living in a century of social interactions where everything around happens too quickly, thoughts and creativity can have great meaningful impacts on people.

Designed By  Untitled macao,  Client by Adobe indesign
Adobe Indesign 2022


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Adobe Indesign 2022

‘DNA’ adopts the contrast between vibrant colours as well as the irregularity between lines and shapes, together with using the tools and functio Read More