Cafe Server Bot
Industrial Design
Cafe Server Bot
Automated Cafe Server Robot

Client Storant
Services Industrial Design & Mechanical Engineering
Year 2021
Developed in conjunction with the Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials for Storant, an automated cafe located in South Korea, Cafe Server Bot is a robot that primarily serves coffee and acts as a mobile condiment that could carry straws, napkins, and sugar packets for the convenience of cafe guests. Our goal was to design a robot that blends naturally into Cafe Storant's environment. We decided to break away from the typical robot that looks cold and emotionless by using a warm-toned off-white color on a non-glossy minimalist form factor. This, in turn, enabled the robot to blend more naturally to a cozy cafe environment than places like hospitals or banks. The curved LED matrix panel can display various information such as the robot's status, the table number it's headed to, and friendly greetings. It can also function as a safety measure.
Creative Director Jake Lee
​​​​​​​Lead Designer Anda Lee
Designer Scott Yeom
Instagram @acasso_official
Cafe Server Bot
Multiple Owners
Jake (Jongha) Lee