Donor Block Wall
Palo Alto Junior Museum & Zoo // Palo Alto, CA 2021 – 2022

Concept, initial design, and project oversight by Tina Keegan
Fundraising with help from the Friends of the JMZ
Laser cutting and etching by Kathryn Hedges
Fabrication, Assembly & finishing by John Zhuang, Sylvia Chen, Jasmin Ibarra Cortes, & Barbara Lindsay
Bench designs by Koen Liem

My role: Design, direction, quality control, fabrication, installation
This wall represents individuals who financially contributed to the Palo Alto Junior Museum and Zoo's exhibit hall. Children are invited to build on the table and insert blocks into the colored openings.

The wall is a call-to-action and designed to grow with more donations. The top of each building segment can be removed to make room for more blocks. New building segments can be added to either side and additional blank blocks are removable for inscription. My role was to design the wall and lead a team of interns and volunteers in the construction and installation.

Additionally, I designed, fabricated, and installed a block play table with a sliding lid for storage.
For efficiency and consistency, I constructed several "sled" jigs to ease the assembly. I could delegate that task to interns and volunteers while I tackled other facets of the project. 
Above, John Zhuang references drawings as he assembles the block buildings in the jig. He wedges spacers in the gaps as the glue sets, so when blocks are inserted by the children, they are not stuck. 
Above are assembled block buildings being laid out on 1/4" plywood which serves as the backboard. At this stage, each building has received one of two coats of a food-safe oil finish. 
Schematic for the block table
This exhibit was designed with growth in mind. Since installation, the wall has garnered over $14,000 in new donations due to its visibility and high visitor hang time
Donor Block Wall

Donor Block Wall