Baby's Meadow
Palo Alto Junior Museum & Zoo // Palo Alto, CA 2019 – 2021

Exhibit and interactive concepts, initial design, and project oversight by Tina Keegan
Fabricated by RS Display
Terrarium builds by Nick Barkley
Puppet dioramas by Leo Knapp and Sandy Serwin
Crawl-in chrysalis by Loree Lee Harper and Miguel Martinez

My role: Design finalization, creative detailing, file prep for fabricators, improvements after museum opening ​​​​​​​​
Within the Palo Alto Junior Museum and Zoo exhibit hall exists the Baby's meadow—a quiet space for infants to exercise their basic motor functions and explore their environment through sensory stimulating interactives. My role in this project was to finalize the design by creating various decorative elements. in addition, I prepped files for the fabricators, considering efficient use of materials, plywood size constraints, and covering or incorporating seams into the design. 
Design drawing at completed stage
The interior of the Baby's meadow includes live animal terrariums, puppet dioramas, tactile walls, and a giant crawl-in monarch chrysalis. Future exhibits are currently in development. 
The loft level looks outside into the zoo's meerkat enclosure. Here I design nature motifs with various inset textured fabrics handpicked by Juniper Keegan. Keeping accessibility in mind, similar interactives are included at the ground level. 
Loft and nature motifs viewed from outside the Baby's Meadow
Baby's Meadow

Baby's Meadow