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    Unique corporate Christmas gift from company S3: "Cookery Magic" - book about tasty and healthy food for favorite recipes of staff S3.
Cookery Magic
Unique corporate Christmas gift from S3: book of tasty and healthy food, favorite recipes staff S3.
"Book about tasty and healthy food" prescriptions employees of the company S3 created, of course, primarily for internal use. So that everyone could share with colleagues favorite family recipes, tell their home stories. And open to workmates new faces - not only professional, but also human. Staff discussed the creation of the book every day, from the first day when it was announced about starting an unusual project.
This book is not so much about food, but about people and their preferences. It does not impose on the principle of dishes: the first, second, third, but by the people in alphabetical order. Each person has one to 3 turns depending on the number of prescriptions submitted.
Turn begins with amateur photography person prerequisite was photographed wearing an apron. Then comes the full name without specifying positions, the city and a little story about how people learned to cook or never learned, that love, does not love food and drinks. After this block should be the recipe and  photo cooked by creative team meal or drink. Thus, all the recipes have been tested and guaranteed result.
However, the book was conceived not only as a subject for internal use. Masterpiece of cooking and food design, it was decided to give the company's partners. Commercial Director, senior managers in their own kitchen, aprons and with a story not only about food, but also of themselves - all serious people are brought into a kind of sweet home image, which is stored and has to open and honest communication in business.
The company S3 owns 10 brands in different product lines, including electrical ERA TM, INCH tablet computers and others. Logos of own brands are included in the names of some dishes, such as cocktail ERA, soup TROPHY (chestnut and bacon), pumpkin soup INCH etc.

Content is presented in the beginning of the book in two versions: first, by the authors of recipes, then the type of dishes.
Every dish that include into this book, was cooked photographed and eaten by team of design, advertising and PR. We confirm all was very tasty, viable and it has a piece of magic and share the secret of success. Read stories that are authors told about themselves,  cook these wonderful dishes, enjoy their magical taste. Bon appetit!

Art director, author of the idea , food stylist: Vladimir Shmoylov
Master of Design and layout : Gregory Samarskiy
Advertising manager , chef: Irina Konovalova
Photographer: Ivan Kurbatov
PR manager, copywriter: Olga Karaulova
Recipes: favorite foods and beverages company S3 employees
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