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    A tattoo design for my Da during his mid life crisis
Well, my Da has decided its time for his mid life crisis and has asked me to design a tattoo for his back, shoulder to shoulder of st. Michael defeating the devil in battle, good times had by all.
After much sketching he finally settled on this one (I would show you all the sketches but I deleted them by mistake)
I even took a picture of his back and sketched it on there with photoshop just to show him how it should look
I started out drawing the figures seperately on animation paper and combined them in photoshop
The marks on the sword are ancient Irish Oghaim which read O' Nuailain, our family name Nolan in Irish.
I went on to print the combined drawing onto a single sheet of A3, then heavily doused the back of said sheet in graphite and put it over a sheet of bristol board, then went over the drawing with a biro to tranfer the picture.
Then, INKS... and pro markers
My Da has found a tattoo artist in our home town to do it for him, I never met the guy but I looked through his gallery online only to find he has already tattooed one of my pieces (that I gave to someone years ago) onto someone elses back, small world eh.
So anyway, thats the Archangel Michael kicking Beelzebutt
Did ya get it... did ya
Fine, well, should he ever actually get it done, I shall be sure to update here with the result.