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Uppgradera | 2021
Industrial Design
Uppgradera | 2021
Distributed Design is a novel approach to design which utilises global connectivity to move data, instead of product. The approach rethinks how goods are produced and from what materials whilst aiming to enhance the customer's relationship with their products.
Uppgradera | 2021 I continued the development of the Ikea-hacks in 2021 and came up with 5 new products. Four of them are brand new hacks and one is a new version of the most successfull original idea. 

​​​​​​​Problem: SUNNERSTA rails are not designed to hold knives and other kitchen tools behind, but still many customers use it this way. These tools are hanging behind unorganized, slipping out, creating a mess on the kitchen wall. 

Uppgradera: The SU02A is a printable insert to clip behind the rail and hold all the knives steady and organized.
Problem: The SUNNERSTA boxes are one of the most common products but all the stuff we pack into are impossible to keep organized.

Uppgradera: SU02B is designed to divide the SUNNERSTA box into smaller units and gives the possibility to use it's space more efficiently.
Problem: The NÄVLINGE read lamp is fitted with a high-power LED, but it does not come with a shade. If used as a desk lamp, it keeps shining into one’s eyes.

Uppgradera: The NÄ02 is a simplified version of the original NÄ02 clip-on lamp shade to use less material, print faster and looks even nicer.
Problem: The HÅRTE desk lamp has no shade on it and it keeps shining into one's eyes.

Uppgradera: The HÅ02 is a clip-on shade which not only reduce shining into the eyes but also increase product's aesthetics.

Problem: There is no watering head in IKEA's collection.

Uppgradera: The SOCKER watering can is a very popular product and the SO02 hack could improve it's watering possibilities according to the "home-gardener" needs.
The project was sponsored by the Moholy-Nagy Laszlo Design Grant in 2021.
Photos: Kevin Harald Campean
Thank you for watching! 

Uppgradera | 2021
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Adam Miklosi