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    Custom Logotype and Type Design for a watches brand
Custom type design and logotype for GREYHOURS 
GREYHOURS is a new European luxury watches brand. But not only, in their own words: “it’s also the result of a meeting of young entrepreneurs with a dream: the perfect watch, financially accessible to all and not just to a chosen few. Their ambition? Create a surprising watch brand, both classic and trendy, while taking advantage of exclusive materials commonly used for the manufacture of exceptional high-end timepieces”. Perfection and commitment to quality are key factors in the GREYHOURS ateliers.
The creative director, Oliver Kraff, asked me to design a custom logo which could match the attributes of the brand, but also the functional requirements. My first approach was to learn more about the product and the technical limitations and offer solutions based on this briefing:
Hype, moderate, modern, classy, mature (neutral & mysterious)
· The logo will be UVI printed in the front and engraved on the watch back.
· Upper case letters to work letter spaced and generous in proportions, to give a contemporary approach.
· Readable on small sizes: Not too bold, slightly condensed to enlarge the body size as much as possible.
Maximum width: 25 mm in the watch back and 7,5 -8 mm in the front
My proposal consisted of proposing a geometric sans serif distinctive typeface, a little bit more uncommon, simple, but very well designed, very readable, modern and sophisticate.
Here you can see a bit of the process. And how it looks applied on those fabulous watches and in their corporative website.
Early sketch
Design principle for the typeface, testing different proportions
Logotype in use in the watches, at the front and at the back. Photo by GREYHOURS 
GREYHOURS Website, as seen in an iPad