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Love Can Happen Anywhere (Ai and Aiko)

Creator of Ai & Aiko, Peter Draw approached us and shared us his vision on the IP. We were excited on how scalable it is and decided to collaborate to work on this Christmas Film together. The characteristics of Ai & Aiko had already been set from the prequel stop motion film, done by the stop-motion gurus, Dwarf Studio Japan. We just had to study and discuss a little bit more on how Ai and Aiko should act in our film. 

Peter was really nice to gave us full control on the creatives, and also the story. He only gave 2 criteria to us that he wanted to prioritize on. Give grandpa an emotional return, and introduce Geki the cat in the story. Challenge accepted and the Moog. squad really had a lot of fun working on the story, creating the layout of the town and creating the characters and assets in 3D.

The characteristics of Ai and Aiko were pretty much set on by Peter. The prequel shows the departure of Grandpa, not stating what happened to him. Ai continues the legacy of Grandpa when he saw Ke, the little girl. He continued to care and share love just like how Grandpa did. 

For our sequel we had really straight on characteristics for the characters. Ai started off depressed when he looks into Grandpa’s red jacket, Aiko being really innocent and motivates Ai and reminds him that it’s Christmas. The transition from gloomy to a little more joyful mood was introduced during the baking session. We wanted Geki to have that nature of a cat so we had her to be grumpy and annoyed by Aiko’s energy all of the time. 
Story wise we had some messages that we wanted to portray in different segments of the film. We have to move on in life no matter what or whom we lose, moving on while retaining the memories with that person actually motivates us to do better. Share and spread love (Ai & Aiko's philosophy). Give to people who need something more than us, we don't lose anything from sharing, but the person gain something from you. You will be rewarded for doing good​​​​​​​
Created by Peter Draw
Produced & Directed : Moog.
Music Composition & Sound Design : Two AM Music Global
Animation Support : Quadimension Studio

Creative Producer & Director : Nicholas Lai
Creative & Animation Director : MChenn Lim
Art Director : KK Lai
Technical & FX Director : Cheng Jiun Hao
Character Rigging : KiaLiam Chia
3D Modelling : Lee Chun Hoe / Lee Yu Hui
Lighting Artist : KK Lai / Lee Yu Hui
FX Artist : Lee Chun Hoe
Digital Compositing : KK Lai / MChenn Lim
Storyboard : MChenn Lim / Zoe Wong
Color Key : Zoe Wong
Concept Artist : Zoe Wong
Composer : Nisa Addina
Music Director : Oliver Stutz
Sound Supervisor : Kit Kuan Leong
Exec Producer : Wira Chon

Character Re-topology : Leaf Yap / Wei Seong
Character Animation : Wendy Tsen / Evalayn Chan / Au Suan / Wei Seong / Leaf Yap

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Love Can Happen Anywhere (Ai and Aiko)

Love Can Happen Anywhere (Ai and Aiko)