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Computer Takeover (Short Film)

Computer Takeover
Some guy is trying to finish his essay. His only problem: Computers just took over the world! He must convince his now sentient computer to let him finish.

Hello, I'm Chris Bradley. This is my grad film at School Creative in the 3D animation course. I studied animation, modeling, sculpting, lighting, rigging, the works. We also went over character design, storyboarding, composition, and a small amount of traditional 2D animation. I personally have an interest in writing, storyboarding, animation, rigging, and lighting.
Behind the Scenes
Here's the 3D model of the set. The lighting and materials are different in Sketchfab.
I made the models and rigs myself in Maya. The guy was sculpted in ZBrush.
Here's the breakdown of Shot 5, from animatic to the After Effects composition.
The computers face was made in After Effects. I used a sticky note to motion track its movements. I used the audio waveform of the dialog to make the mouth. The original plan was to animate the face in 2D, but it was going to take too long.
The window was done entirely in After Effects, as well as some small things like the roomba light. Colour correction, lighting effects, and motion blur were done on every shot. The pictures below are before and after for compositing with After Effects.
The animatic was drawn in Photoshop and edited in Adobe Premiere. Most of the sound effects were done at this point. Some scenes had to be cut due to time constraints, and some camera angles were changed.
The soundtrack was made in LMMS.
Computer Takeover (Short Film)

Computer Takeover (Short Film)

Short Film, Final Project