Episode 2: IDOL.
"In his name!", "I want children from him!", "I want to be like him!"... Surrendering completely to self-proclaimed idols, we lose ourselves. Finding no strength and meaning in ourselves, we find it in the vivid image of our idol and become his complete reflection, a reflection in a crooked mirror. People idolize and idealize their idols while refusing to notice their true essence and intentions. Of course, he cares about you, he definitely loves you... (nah).
This work became my second NTF on the foundation and complemented my SOCIETY collection.
Special announcement poster 1
Special announcement poster 2
I've manually captured video footage in one of the Kyiv church, then I tracked it and added some VFX on this footage.
Cinema 4d workflow
(I've lost my final project, so it's some early WIP)
After the final render, I've started to create the main music composition in FL Studio and doing a sound design. I used Flex as the main plugin for creating synth ambient sounds.
FL studio workflow
Some final stills
Last shot means, what people often blindly believe without even trying to understand and study in detail their faith and traditions. It is also a hint that for many priests are the embodiment of God, and people are eager to give them their last money with the hope of solving all their problems..

@frenkower 2021