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GALOIS Imaging Laser Scanner

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Compact and high-definition
GALOIS Imaging Laser Scanner

GALOIS is a compact laser scanner developed for the real-estate market. It's able to map and capture an entire space to provide a virtual viewing experience for prospective clients. This portable scanner simplifies the capturing process and renders spaces in high detail with its precision LiDAR sensor, M4/3 camera and automated 360° rotation.


More and more people are now virtually viewing properties online, but the quality of the digital experience is lacking. Our task was to design a device that captures spaces in much higher definition while remaining lightweight and portable.

Design and engineering teams worked closely from the earliest stage to create an innovative component layout that could transform the user experience.

Early prototypes validated the idea that dedicated handles could be replaced by forming the scanner body into a grip, maintaining the compact structure without sacrificing user experience.

The main body is constructed from a lightweight magnesium alloy for durability and enhanced portability
At only 2.3kg it’s just right to hold in one hand
The bright ring highlights the LiDAR position and contrasts with the textured exterior
All the equipment required to capture detailed 3D scans can be easily handled by a single person
​​​​​​​​​​​​​Project ManagerYumian Deng
Design DirectorSiyoon Kim
DesignerKaihuang Chen
Design Assistant
Hai Wu
KE Holdings Inc
R&D TeamWenbo Shi, Fanhua Meng, Xuanyun Yue


GALOIS Imaging Laser Scanner


GALOIS Imaging Laser Scanner