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AxiDraw Pen Plotter Generative Artwork
KU Bears Grant | Summer 2021
Generative Art by Hunter Young and Frank Pizzuta
Advised by Professor Josh Miller
During the summer of 2021, Hunter Young, Josh Miller, and I collaborated to create a series of generative art pieces using the Axi-Draw Pen Plotter. The original scope of the grant also included faculty funding, however, we were unable to receive it.

The three of us explored the potential use of the pen plotter tools, experimenting with a wide array of pen choices, from ball point pens to acrylic markers. Additionally, we explored what could be plotted, by first starting with traditionally drawn pieces, and ultimately investigating how to code and create generative art work based purely on JavaScript. The work done for the grant was an exercise in problem solving, and teamwork to achieve an end goal that we did not know how to get to, or what we were really looking for.
The First Tests
At this stage we hadn't quite figured out how to transfer from JavaScript to SVG in order to have the plotter properly output what we were shooting for. So at the same time we were figuring out the proper medium, we had also hit slight roadblocks in the background technology. But it was a start.
It was at this stage that we started to get the hang of moving past hand drawn designs, and started to implement coded patterns and incorporating more randomness in the entire look and feel. 
Bubbles, Squares, and More
Fully coded from scratch with exporting to SVG built into the process. 
Live Code Found Here: p5 Codepen
AxiDraw Pen Plotter Generative Artwork

AxiDraw Pen Plotter Generative Artwork