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Soda Shaq
New Line of ALL NATURAL Flavored Sodas.
Brand, In-store and Package Creative promoted unsolicited viral Social Media participation.
Mpire friend and photographer Morten Smidt (Richard Avadon) shooting Shaquille O'neal's package portraits.
Fun-spirited and consumer engaging Creative, true to the AriZona and Shaq Brand DNA.
Shaq resquest that we design his full-scale, extendable RV, driven across country by Shaq, himself.
Even famous artist/celebs like Swizz Beatz (Jay-Z, Alicia Keys) joined the fun.
The cast of Adam Sandler's Grown Ups 2, enjoying new SodaShaq on air.
Secretly placed Golden Cans of SodaShaq, place by hand, in random locations across the country, and clues tweeted by Shaq himself.
Shaq App: Utilizing cutting tech, in support of the AriZona brand culture and celebrating the brand Creative. This was a marketing extention developed by Mpire, in an effort to extend the promotional efforts and layering addition product value for consumers.
SodaShaq App: In-game Creative.
SodaShaq App: In-game Creative.
Behind the Scenes: SodaShaq App 3-D modeling and imaging.
Shaq Signed Litho, in celebration of the success of the Product Development, Retailer Support, Viral, Social Media and Marketing Campaign
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Soda Shaq
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