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    A wooden spoon designed by Stephen Allport during his first workshop module at the University of Wolverhampton.
This wooden spoon is personally part of my favourite project ever undertaken. It was my first opportunity to work in the revamped University of Wolverhampton workshops during my first year and make something - this is a result of the frustration. 

The objective of the project was to make cutlery from wood, metal and plastic. The wood was actually found in the scrap wood bin but I rescued it and formed it using only sandpaper, precision and a lot of love.

I ended up making thirteen pieces of cutlery in different styles - even though we only had to make three. The other pieces are here....somewhere - and as soon as I find them all I will get some good photos (Sorry for lowering the standards of photography on this site) and display them on my portfolio and my personal website.

The main reason for this being my personal best project is the style. It was the first design which made me realize I had my own style - a style which had previously been used on a Mad Max themed project at college and recently on my EPOS-lite cash register.