The GURI Project
Guri is the name of a DIY toy designed and produced by RandomBackground, a toy design studio I established with art director Mariano Armengol aka Vakgraun a few years ago.
The idea behind this toy was to invite several artists to design their own characters based on the Guri platform. The characters shown below are the ones we decided to develop in a short production run of resin figures. This is a work in progress, we hope we will have them ready by mid-2014.  
3D Models
CHUNK by RandomBackground
BLINGO by Boris Hasabike
SEYMOUR by Luli Bunny
The Wood Collection
In the meantime, I created this collection of limited edition figures made out of Anchico (South American wood) and urethane resin. The figures are initially designed in 3D software, then crafted by a CNC milling machine and finished by hand.
These toys are only being produced upon request.  
WOOD GURI by RandomArt