The Sickness of Long Thinking 

A few years ago I found an abandoned wolf cub. I suppose it's mother had been killed, or may have been driven out of the pack. I tried to raise it like a dog. For a while it was happy. It was like a pet, you know... affectionate. It would lick my hand and roll over, wanting to play. But then it got older, and the playing stopped. It remembered it was a wolf, not a pet. It stared in to the distance. Then one day it was gone. The Chippewa have a word for it - it means "the sickness of long thinking". You cannot tame a wild animal, because it will always remember where it is from, and yearn to go back.

The Tenderness of Wolves, by Stef Penney
Sahara Desert / Tunis  -  Tunisia, North Africa
Balgo Aboriginal Community / Tanami Rd  -  Great Sandy Desert, Western Australia
Dakar / Tambacounda  -  Senegal, West Africa
Amazonas / Leticia  -  Colombia
Avignon /  Marseilles  -  France
Kumbh Mela / Munnar - India
Han River /Myeongdong  -  South Korea
Dakar / Ile de Goree - Senegal
Sahara desert / Tozeur - Tunisia
Galapagos Isands / Zipaquira - Ecuador
Ziganzour / Koufountine - Senegal
Sfax / Sahara - Tunisia
Patagonia / Valparaiso - Chile
St Luois / Kedagou - Senegal
Chachapoyas / San Antonio - Peru
Tanami Rd / Balgo Aboriginal community - Australia
Ile de Goree / Dindafelo - Senegal