BAKES Mooncakes 2021
Bakes Mooncake 2021 is an excuse to celebrate in the middle of Covid lockdown.

Colorful. Vivid. A lucid dream. 
The ability to go anywhere in your mind when your body is stuck in one place. ​​​​​​​

This year, with premium ingredients like champagne (a collaboration with Moët Impérial), truffle and saffron, we wanted to balance snobbery with a vivid and playful illustration system.

We used Sometimes Times, a contemporary serif with classic forms, to construct the wordmark. We rearranged the letters to reference balloons floating in the air.

We chose tin as our packaging material for this year because we really wanted
that glossiness and gradient. Vibes! 

We had some fun with typography by combining 2 other serif typefaces LOVE and MILLIONAIRE 

Product photography is vivid and dreamy. 
To inspire your mouth to water and mind to wander.

Our bespoke mooncake lantern patterns are reinterpreted it to brochures, recipe books and bags. For fun.


In the flagship store window display, we imagined a giant champagne bottle popping off. We mapped out 
the trajectory of the cork, how it'd bounce off the walls, and then reinterpret it as lanterns, 
to stick with traditional Mid-Autumn motifs and colors. 

With everyone under lockdown during Mid-Autumn Festival, 
we wanted to bring some joy to their homes through the ad campaign. 

Different ways people could spend time at home and how our
mooncakes can make it more fun: WFH, Covid Parties, Netflix n' Chilling, Video Games.


Last but not least, enjoy this home party track by Larria, a local musician. Made with our packaging.

Creative Director: Tuan Le
Graphic Designers: Trang Dinh, Tuan Ha, Tran N Nguyen, 
Jay Vu, Khe Nguyen
Spatial Designers: Naomi Nguyen, Hung Le
Producers: Nhung Ho, Hanh Le, Tin Do
Photographer: Kai Nguyen
Accounts: Phuong Anh Nguyen, Huyen Vo, Anh Nguyen 
3D Artist: Tram Dang
Motion Graphic: Tuan Le
Motion Support: Callimotion

BAKES Mooncakes 2021