Bakes Tet 2021

Bakes Lunar New Year (Tet) Collection 2021
Peace and Prosperity. Expressed in silver and gold 3D calligraphy.

Gift box design inspired by firecrackers.

Individual boxes “An” & “Phúc” stand for peace & prosperity.

“Peace” & “Prosperity” please(!) after a disastrous 2020

Creative Director: Tuan Le
Account: PA Nguyen, Huyen Vo, Khoa Do
Graphic Designer: Trang Dinh, Andree Nguyen, Tran Nguyen
Spatial designer: Tram Dang
Producer: Nhung Ho, Hanh Le
Photographer: Kai Nguyen
3D Artist: Thu Le
Motion designer: Arnold Ngo

Clients: Bakes Saigon
TLC team: Laure Chevallier, Vy Nguyen, Lai Pham, Sara Wu, Nga Nguyen

Bakes Tet 2021