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    Craft Beer Label Concept.
Night Owl Brewery is a concept for a craft beer label. My inspiration was tribal inspired design and tattoo art. I wanted the customer to purchase this because they liked the look of the packaging. I wanted the consumer to have a 360 experience. I also wanted a unique diecut because it makes the owl actually have his wings spread and adds much more interest. A lot of times bottels are interesting in the front but the artist doesnt take in account all angles of the bottle. There would be other flavors of the brew and the blue would be replaced with other colors to help the customer identify flavors. The idea was to have a unique display for the bottles. I wanted it displayed were the owl had its wings spread out throughout the bottles My target audience is the night crowd who is interested in trying new craft beers. My keywords were: fun, unique, tribal, tattoo, impact, 360. I hope you like the design. Let me know any honest feedback. Thanks for looking.