RUMA beauty studio

Interior Design
RUMA beauty studio

Location: Pushkinskaia 1, Kyiv, Ukraine
Area: 215 sq.m.
Originally the Ruma studio was an idea of a place where the barbers and hairs stylists community could not only work but also meet, learn from each other and educate professionals around the world through online lessons and courses. But through the process of designing this idea developed and the interior design became a part of the story, a place which looks different above all the hair style saloons and gives a new emotion and experience for visitors and clients.

The furniture ideas grew up from the first concept for KULT barbershop, which we built a few years ago. These are bespoke and very unique pieces designed specially for hair stylists and barbers according to their needs and to the ergonomic of their work.
All the lights in this studioare custom made according to our sketches. They came through a lot of tests and experiments and we are very proud about how they look right now. We excluded the wires and left only 2 thin ropes which are almost invisible.
The saloon has a main hall and a lounge place, where you can wait for you master, drink a cup of tea or coffee or taste the special cocktail which was developed especially for RUMA saloon by the best chiefs from Kyiv.
There are also manicure/pedicure cabinet and 2 tattoo rooms on the ground floor of the RUMA.
The restroom has a huge mirror equipped with two console bespoke concrete basins and two Dyson handwashers.
There is also a big academy room and a photostudio, where masters can study and fix the results of their work, shoot online courses and lessons.

The ceiling in this room was too low so we decided to cover it with the mirrors and the instal a lot of custom linear lights on it. The effect was wonderful.
Our happy team on the shooting day
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RUMA beauty studio