Casinoël by Swile


We launched Casinoël during the holiday season to spread the swile effect among our users. Roulette is a game of pure chance. But this year, we decided that everyone deserves to be taken care of. So we rewarded each of our participants with a gift drawn by the wheel. Hoping to make every player a winner!
A dreamlike experience

And to experience this magic, what better way than to bring you straight to Santa's workshop ? To make it even more immersive, we chose to create this scene using 3D. Wooden textures that remind us of the mountain spirit, a warm atmosphere to let you know that the fireplace is not far and of course cards, tokens and casino lights because we're playing a game, after all!
Christmas Swile Effect

Our social community is growing day by day and we're very proud of it. So we wanted to gratify everyone for their support by offering 3 things: a Secret SantAssitant generator, an office Christmas Sweater collection and a ChristmaSnake game.
Secret SantAssistant
A generator for eco-friendly gift ideas, because we care about our planet.
Christmas Sweaters
A special collection on our eShop, offering Christmas sweaters for the office.
The timeless game that will inevitably bring back good memories.
Thanks for watching,
Merry Christmas!


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Casinoël by Swile

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Casinoël by Swile