PAINTINGS by Robert Steven Connett
The Paintings of Robert Steven Connett
Selected works from 2007 to present
There are artists out there who eschew traditional approaches to drawing but are nonetheless obsessed with detail as a way express what are often frightening visions of the world in general and humanity in particular. H. R. Giger and Chris Mars spring to mind. Their roots lie in the dreamlike visions of Heironymous Bosch. It is a difficult artistic path. Most who try it fail to develop a unique vision or compelling style and get mired in cliché psychedelia. This kind of work is often driven by direct experiences with drug addiction, insanity or both, which can explain the rarity of finding such artists who also have the discipline to excel. R. S. Connett has become one of those exceptions. Go to his website or check him on Flickr.

-David Carmack Lewis
CRUSTACEAPODS 2007 ~ 24 X 24" Commission
PHARMAGARDEN 2011 ~ 18" x 24" commission

Of my feelings, ideas and images portrayed in this painting, some are new, but many recur for me. This environment in the painting is a "garden" or "swamp" which I see and daydream about often in my life. It's a place conjured from a deep distant memory of my childhood. It is a place by water in a dark dense forest where I was completely content and spellbound by its beauty, tranquility and “aliveness”. I have dreamed of this place many times, and instinctually think of it as my personal "heaven." If there is such a place as heaven, mine will be a green and lush place in a universal forest of pulsating life.

The water in the painting is still and deep. It contains many life forms, and is itself alive. Deep water has always mesmerized me. The dead man in the pool is a symbol of my personal death. I have introduced this image into many of my paintings. The insects and small creatures represent my fascination with worlds of tiny complexity. The skull, for me, is always a symbol of death. In this work I have used the skull to epitomize the fear and loathing I have for the hazards of being a human in a world alive with fearful biological perils, (and hence, my use of the symbol for “bio-hazard”). From this skull, which is born from the mortar and pestle, comes the capsules, tablets and injections often necessary to help cure what ails us.

The forms that protrude from the sides of the composition are experiments in “abstract symbolism” (for lack of any better descriptive term) They don't necessarily represent anything, and yet, I hope they vaguely represent something different, and I hope a bit of a mystery, for all of the people who will eventually view the painting.

This painting took 168 hours to complete over 24 sessions.

 ... R.S. Connett,  6/9/2011
"METAVERSE" or, "The Metaverse Sea"

18" x 18" (45.7 cm x 45.7 cm.), Acrylic on wood panel

This is my most recent commissioned painting, (April 2011) The title is "METAVERSE" or "The Metaverse Sea".

I thought it would be interesting to create a "stage like"  outer environment with which to gaze in at inner world I created. This "outer world", like an opening in a cave, is something I have not done before.
FLORA vs FAUNA, 2008 ~ 18 X 18" ~ sold
ANTAGONY ~ 24" high by 48" wide - 2010 - sold
"RED MICROBIA"  ~ 18" x 18" ~  2006 - sold
"INSECTUS" 2009 - 24" x 24" - sold
ZoOids ~ 2009 ~ 12" x 12", sold
 "NIGHT TRAWLER" ~ 22" X 28" ~ 2008 ~ sold
"DREAMS" ~ 24" x 18" 2010 - sold
"HADES" ~ 18" X 18" ~ 2011 ~ sold
"TRANSVOLUTION" ~ 18" X 14" - 2011 - available; contact artist
"MEMENTO MORI" ~ 18" x 24" ~ 2009 - sold
MICRONAUT ~ 18" x 24" ~ 2009 - sold
"SPINAL TOTEM TATTOO"  ~ Size: 12 X 24" (30.5 x 60.9 cm) - 2007 - sold
"FEAST of the HAVENOTS" ... 24" X 20", Acrylic on canvas ... 2012
PAINTINGS by Robert Steven Connett