3D Motion


LOVO, we were able to develop and produce this project in a short time, maintaining the important aspects in quality and animation that were required from the creative conception. 

Advertising Agency: Dávila publicidad 
Vp creative Dávila: Antonio Lopez

Client: Pacifica TV
Pacifica TV Director: María Victoria De Narváez
Producer: Laura Giraldo O.

H O W  W E  M A D E  I T

This project was developed in less than a month. In total about 21 shots, with short durations but with specific animations in each sequence. This led us to organize a pipeline that allowed us to concentrate on the lighting design, keeping the animation rig complete from the beginning of the project. 

Although the simulations were the most complex part, we decided to work on them at the same time, while developing all the sequences together. 



The complexity of this project had to do with the feedback we received, because although our client was clear about the direction we were taking, the final approvals were subject to further revisions by the brand. Lastly, having developed approved sequence shots from the first animation design. It allowed us to have more realistic adjustments when finalizing the product. And not having to redo the scenes in the timeline. ​​​​​​​

LOVO Executive Producer: Yanina Flores

Animation & Illumination Artist: Danny Holguin
 Rendering Artist: Danny Holguin
LayOut & Comp Artist: VAIDDV

C L O S E D  P I C S

T H A N K S  F O R  Y O U R  T I M E



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